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Android ?


wow dude this is a really good game

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No playing minigames in the halls.

No typing sarcastic or funny answers to questions in the halls.

No making Baldi angry or Playtime sad in the halls.

No blocking ads in the halls.

No calling your teacher a crazy man-sized bald leprechaun in the halls.

No destroying games by Daddy Myst' in the halls.

No filenames or lore jokes in the halls.

No voting #Trump4Prez in the halls.

No whistling in the halls.

No being a hypocrite or having exceptions in the halls.

No eating justice in the halls.

No using mod menus by Fasguy in the halls.

No mocking characters in the halls.

No YouTube Pooping Michael Rosen in the halls.

No reporting copyright abuse for stuff you don't own in the halls.

No breaking the 99th wall in the halls.

No getting forced into detention in the halls.

No making grounding videos out of Boris or Alvin Hung in the halls.

No tickling small birds under their wings in the halls.

No making up creative Principal of the Thing catchphrases in the halls.

No editing your post every few seconds in the halls.

No using loopholes of any kind in the halls.

No typing comments in the halls.

idea for a mini game: collect 10 notebooks in 40 seconds

what the freak why isint it updated

soe thing big is going on instedad

How to make an Locker that you can hide? Like in Extensive Edition.



This is Badsum from Kickstarter exclusive demo...


Only can seen in pirated copy.

Also, I've started a collection for baldi fangames, here's a link for you:

This is Great! :)


This is a pretty good fangame, good job!

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!

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It Seems Cool!

Please do 1.2.1 where there is that minigame which is COMING SOON! [and if possible another one]


Im Working On It Dont Worry About It


When is it come

Very Cool


Good, Fangame of Baldi Basics.

this game is really fun

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its nice to see more modders expand and make fangames!

Pls android

Where is the download button?


Going to add your new game in gamebanana

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eciN Nice Game


Please update the game! 


1. Add minigames more of tchem

2. Fix a bug where you can clip with no end.

Ok I was working on it today


Add the text of how much time you have?

This game good.

i wish it could be on mac

Disclamier! I Am Not Making A Android Version!!!!

Disclamer! i'm your buddy from GameBanana


Deleted 74 days ago

"Baldi's Basics now teacher-loved so DOWNLOAD IT IN YOU SCHOOL" -me


Просьба Android

oh ok

i see 99 eyes at the main menu